First Custom Knee Replacements in NH

Recent literature demonstrates that one in five patients are not satisfied with their traditional total knee replacement. In traditional knee replacement surgery, the surgeon selects an “off-the-shelf” implant from a range of standard fixed sizes, and then has to make the necessary adjustments to fit the implant to the patient during the procedure. It’s like going to the shoe store and choosing a pair of shoes.

Dr. Gomberg is the first surgeon in New Hampshire to implant new, custom knee replacements developed by ConforMIS. This system does something that no other knee replacement company does – design and manufacture a full line of customized knee implants. No two are alike. These knee implants are individually sized and shaped to fit to each patient’s unique anatomy, offering advantages not achievable with “off-the-shelf” knee implants.

Dr. Gomberg has now performed a series of both PARTIAL and TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENTS using this cutting edge technology. Call to see if it’s the right procedure for you.

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