Why choose Dr. Gomberg?

Reasons to Choose Dr. Gomberg
1. Dr. Gomberg helps patients postpone or avoid surgery and only recommends it as a last resort because treating patients this way results in the best surgical outcomes.
2. Dr. Gomberg’s surgical outcomes are in the top tier as validated by independent benchmarking companies. Patients under his care have lower rates of serious complications. See details at https://projects.propublica.org/surgeons/surgeons/1205802683
3. Dr. Gomberg performed more partial knee replacements that anyone north of Boston, and this experience translates to better outcomes. He was the first surgeon in New Hampshire to perform custom knee replacements, a more precise-fitting knee implant.
4. Dr. Gomberg takes a personalized approach, spending time with each patient and looking at the whole person when helping make medical decisions.
5. Dr. Gomberg has Fellowship training in surgical efficiency in joint replacement.
6. Dr. Gomberg is the Director of the Maine Orthopaedic Review, the nation’s longest running orthopaedic review course, taken by one third of all practicing orthopaedic surgeons in the USA.
7. Dr. Gomberg speaks at national and international conferences on surgical efficiency and knee surgery outcomes.